Main specifications
Probe Four (moving) upper side
Motor Stepping motor High speed and high torque type
Minimum probe pitch 0.2mm approx.
Internal measurement sources DC constant voltage1 0.2V
DC constant current1 500nA – 50mA
DC constant current2 100uA – 10mA
AC constant voltage 70mVrms (f=1.6KHz,16KHz,160KHz )
Dimension of testable PC board L x W: 500 x 400 mm (max.) – 50 x 50 mm (min.)
Thickness: 0.8 – 3.2 mm
Top side component space: 20 mm or less (including board thickness)
Bottom side component space: 100mm or less
Power supply AC 220V 50/60Hz 2.5KVA
Dimension / weight 1,290mm(W) 1,080mm(D) 1,250mm(H) / 1,100Kg
Operating system:HP Z200 Windows xp
Software:APT8400 4.0-7e
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