·MCUs, Serial Memories, CPLDs with JTAG, SPI, I2C, BDM, ICSP, SWD, DAP, UART, ISSP, SBW, CSI, etc. protocols.
·Host Interface: 1Gbps LAN, isolated RS232.
·Standalone mode with isolated Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) interface.
·Novalink transfer rate (Master – POD): 1Gbps.
·7 digital I/O lines, 1 analog/digital I/O line.
·Target supply voltage and current measurements. Target I/O voltage measurement.
·Real Time clock for log tracking.
·External Relay Control.
·POD size: 65mm x 38mm x 18mm.
·Hydra programmers come equipped with CAT6A cables 3 meters long.
·Hydra models with multiple programming channels are available.